The Coffee Scrub Daily

  • Coffee Scrub Results: Experience FITMUD Before & After Improvements With Our "Right Leg Challenge."

    Posted on February 26 2016


    Take our "Right Leg Challenge" and show yourself the FITMUD difference first hand.  FITMUD not only gives visible results over time but also delivers instant benefits you can feel.  Learn how to take the challenge.

  • Inside FitMud's Ingredients: A Look At Robusta Coffee Beans

    Posted on September 11 2015

    Coffee has just about as many nicknames as it does ways to prepare it, and it’s been a staple in most cultures around the globe for hundreds of years. But what’s so special about our beloved java when it comes to getting healthier skin?

  • How To Use A Coffee Scrub For Cellulite

    Posted on August 26 2015

    Before we discuss using a coffee scrub for cellulite, first let’s find out what is actually in a coffee scrub that can help to reduce cellulite.

    The main ingredient in a coffee scrub…? You guessed it, coffee.

  • The Benefits of Coffee Scrub For Your Skin

    Posted on August 17 2015

    The uses of coffee scrub for your skin

    Did you know that coffee grounds have amazing benefits for you skin?

    You wouldn’t want to rub this morning’s leftover dry coffee grounds on your skin (ouch!), but when you combine quality coffee grounds with other natural ingredients to create a coffee scrub, the benefits for your skin are immediately noticeable.

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