Coffee Scrub Results: Experience FITMUD Before & After Improvements With Our "Right Leg Challenge."

Posted on 26 February 2016

Take our "Right Leg Challenge" and show yourself the FITMUD difference first hand.  Our famous post-workout coffee scrub has amazing benefits for skin, cellulite, and rejuvenation.  FITMUD not only gives visible results over time but also delivers instant benefits you can feel. 

How To Do The "Right Leg Challenge":

  • Using FITMUD Coffee Scrub take a quarter-sized amount in both hands
  • Rub it onto your left leg starting at your foot & ankle moving toward your hip & thigh in gentle circular motions
  • Make sure to spend extra time rubbing your problematic areas
  • Let the coffee scrub dry on your skin for a few minutes as this allows ingredients to penetrate
  • Rinse completely & pat dry

Compare your treated leg to your untreated leg. Pay attention to the differences you can see and feel.

FITMUD noticeable benefits:

  • Perfectly soft and silky skin right after the first use
  • No greasy residue on hands, body, or the tub and shower
  • Better circulation throughout your leg giving a healthy energized feeling throughout your whole body
  • Improved skin texture & tone will make your leg look smoother & uplifted, which improve even more with continual exercise and use

After you see and feel the results from FITMUD Coffee Scrub you probably won't be able to resist scrubbing both legs and your entire body from head-to-toe!

Don't forget to take a before picture when you start your scrubbing regimen!  Take your after picture when you have regularly used at least one whole bag, and then email them to us for a free FITMUD gift pack. 

We promise that when you use our scrub after a workout you will feel more energized and your skin will be soft & smooth or your money back.  Take the FITMUD Right Leg Challenge today!



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