Why Sulfur Is The Must Have Ingredient For Treating Acne


If you've been reading your skincare product ingredient list, you've probably noticed sulfur being a common ingredient used to treat all kinds of skin imperfections. This is because not only are sulfur acne products incredibly popular but more importantly, they're useful. Sulfur acts as an antiseptic that helps disinfect the skin and clear out those clogged pores, while also boosting comedolytic and keratolytic properties, which further allows your acne to dry out, ridding your pores of all the dirt, oil and dead skins that have interrupted your perfect complexion. So grab yourself a bottle of reSULface and experience the incredibleness of sulfur in action for yourself.



What is Sulfur?sulfur for acne

You may still be curious as to what sulfur is precisely, and you'll be happy to know that it is a natural mineral that thoroughly improves the health of many things, such as your bones, teeth, muscles, hair, connection tissues and of course, your skin. It is one of those old natural remedies that have been used to cure an abundance of skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis skin, as well as many health issues for centuries. The only difference is that you can now reap the benefits with a bottle of ReSULface as opposed to having to find the mineral yourself, and although sulfur can also be found in foods such as eggs, beans, dairy, fish, garlic, meats, and onions, ingesting it will treat and improve your internal health, doing so won’t treat your skin condition. However, this does explain why these are common food ingredients found within home skin care remedies, but you don’t have to whip up a concoction in your kitchen and can get all the sulfur you need with a bottle of ReSULface.

How Sulfur Works for Acne

Sulfur is a gentler and natural alternative to using other drying agents such as Benzoyl Peroxide, which is also another common ingredient found within acne skin care products. Since Benzoyl Peroxide is considered a toxin by some and can leave the skin incredibly raw and irritated, it isn't an ingredient that is always ideal. This is quickly making sulfur the popular acne-clearing agent as it is just as, if not more so effective but it also comes with additional benefits. Sulfur doesn’t only clear up acne, and it will also remove excess shine while enhancing your overall complexion by making it brighter, smoother and clearer. Of course, it doesn't dry out your skin incredibly either; this is because sulfur only dries out the top layers of your skin and peels it off so it can then disinfect the clogged pores and remove the dirt, oil and ultimately, the acne. The lower skin levels are still very much alive, which is why you don't feel the irritation that can come from similar products that use different ingredients. That's also not to mention that some of the bacteria that cause acne are becoming resistant to antibiotics. So a bottle of reSULface is indeed the best solution for anyone experience skin imperfections or conditions. 

How Sulfur Breaks Down Acne

Now if that wasn't enough to convince you that sulfur is an absolute must-have within your beauty regime, allow us to explain exactly what it does for those of you suffering from acne or other skin conditions. Sulfur helps shed dead skin cells that can be clogging your pores and causing breakouts, without penetrating too deep into the skin, which can result in irritation. It dries out existing blemishes and reduces inflammation for those trouble areas that have created a bright red (or even clear) bump on your skin, which is not only key to reducing the appearance of acne but treating it as well. reSULface will also exfoliate the skin gently to remove any additional dry patches, giving you an even smoother complexion. Treating acne and other skin conditions isn't sulfurs only action though, as it prevents the spread of the bacteria that causes acne, and inhibits your pores from being block and inflamed. It will also reduce excess oil and refine your skin tone and texture. And this means less acne for you in the future.


As you can see, sulfur is everything you need in one bottle of reSULface. It's affordable, easy to apply and so much easier to implement into your current beauty regime. THE LAB & CO. has a jar of reSULface waiting with your name all over it.


sulfur for acne

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