Double blended squalane oil is not your ordinary face oil

Face oil is a must for skin but the tricky part with oils is finding the right one for your skin type. Here are just some of the most common concerns when trying to find the right facial oil. 

squalane not your ordianary facial oil

  • Will the oil be hydrating enough for my skin?
  • Will the oil penetrate or will it sit on top of my skin leaving me all greasy?
  • Will I be sensitive to the oil components?
  • Will it make me break-out and clog my pores?

Squalane addresses all the issues - hydrating, penetrates, non-greasy, and hypoallergenic. Squalane oil has become a universally adored oil because it has amazing characteristics that make it perfect for all skin types. 

  • Squalane oil is luxurious to apply - it goes on silky smooth leaving your face just the same.
  • Squalane is already present in the skin - Your skin is already familiar with squalane and will drink it right up, which is great because it depletes as we age. 
  • Squalane won't clog your pores or leave your skin greasy. As a bonus it provides enough moisture for even dry skin types. It's the holy grail oil for any adult acne or sensitive skin types. 

What makes Equal by Nature's squalane oil so extraordinary? It's in our blending process where we combine two forms of vegan squalane in an ideal ratio. Equal by Nature squalane oil is 100% pure vegan squalane from both olive and sugar sources making it the most luxe squalane on the market. 

double blended squalane oil extra ordinary luxury squalane facial oilWe did testing across three name brands of pure squalane and we found that our test subjects felt a sensory difference and had greater pleasure with our double blended squalane facial oil. 

Our favorite way to use Squalane here at the lab is straight on skin like a primer before make-up or dropping it into your moisturizer or sleeping mask for a plumping effect. 

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